Of  The  Ginyard
     Flatcoated retrievers

How it started

When I was a young girl and took a course to become official dog groomer I came in contact with a lot of different dog breeds. Then I worked in a cocker spaniel kennel and I soon knew for sure that a dog out of the gundog group was going to be my kind of dog. Their characters fitted  best  with me.


At one moment I did read in a dog magazine an article about a Flatcoated retriever  and  from  that moment on I decided that  the Flatcoat was going to be the dog for me when I was going to live on my own.


From that moment on I read a lot of books about the Flatcoated Retriever and visited dog shows and talked to owners about their Flatcoats.

When I was married our daughter did grow up with our cross breed shepherd/Labrador, who came in to our house by accident, and died at the age of 16.

When he passed away we decided it was time for our first Flatcoated retriever. I became a member of the Dutch Flatcoated retriever club and was put on the waiting list for a puppy.

After a few months they told us that there was a litter born from which a puppy bitch was going to be ours if we where interested.


That became our “Sempiternal Black Yarmony” named “Ginny”.  She came in to our life in 1986.

In the menu you can read all about Ginny under “in memoriam”.

With her character she made sure that there would never be another breed for us than a Flatcoated retriever. We will never forget her.

We had two litters with Ginny. From the first litter in 1990 with “Ch. Eswood fan it Wad” we kept “Painted Black Ashley Of The Ginyard” named “Ashley”.

From the second litter in 1991 with “Ch. Swallowsflight Black Umpire” we kept “Lady Robin Pire Of The Ginyard” named Robin.

More about Ashley and Robin you can also find in the menu under “in memoriam”.


With Ashley we also had two litters. From one of them in 1995 with “Philjive Blackberry Jack” we kept “Purdey Blackberry Of The Ginyard” named “Purdey”. More about our Purdey you can also find in the menu under “In memoriam”.


After that I did not breed for many years because I was very disappointed to discover that in both the last litters there where a few pups with epilepsy so I had to stop breeding with my line.

I decided that I never ever wanted to hear again from puppy owners   that their dog was having epilepsy. It is so awful.


However, when in 2005 dear friends of ours told us that they were going to get a Flatcoated Retriever pup from England, the good feeling came back to me. And after looking at the line of that pup I was really getting enthusiastic and when we heard that there was still a bitch puppy available we decided to ask the breeder.

And that’s how  “ Angico Fireflash Royardy” named “Yardy” came in to our family.

In 2009 we imported a second pup from England again through our dear friends and so
“Paviland Cariad Môr Meagan” named “Meagan” came in to our house to bring us joy.

More about Yardy and Meagan you can find in the menu under “our dogs”.

With Meagan we decided that there will hopefully finally be an other “Of The Ginyard” litter, everything about that you can read in the menu under “breeding plan”.