Of  The  Ginyard
     Flatcoated retrievers

We would like to introduce ourselves to you:

We are Ciep and Annette Becker.

We are a small breeder and at the moment we are the proud owners of 2 bitches named Yardy and Meagan.

When you take a look at the link “our dogs” you can read everything about them.

When you look at the link “history” you can read everything about our litters in the past.

We live in Hilversum in a small semi detached house with a garden and only 10 minutes walk to the heather and woodlands where we go two times a day with the girls. There they can run free.

Our litters are born in the living room and the pups stay there until they leave the house to their new owners.

When we breed our number one goal is the health of the litter.

At the link “future breeding” you can read everything about our next breeding plan with Meagan.

We also would like to preserve the beautiful exterior and character of our Flatcoated Retriever and therefore we also regularly show our dogs.

We also do gundog training with our dogs because the Flatcoated Retriever is bred as a gundog from origin after all and we think that saving these character properties is essential for our dogs also because they love to work for you. This makes the Flatcoated Retriever also an easy dog as pet.

Feel free to look around the site en please leave a message in the guestbook.

Hope you like the site and who knows we can have a talk about this beautiful breed.

Regards Annette and Ciep